JARI health and nutrition


JARI GmbH Health & Nutrition has been founded in September 2011
(formerly JARI Trading GmbH) by Mr. Jörg A. Richter.

As wholesalers and consultants for raw materials in the area of dietary supplement and food we operate in the international area. It is our philosophy to enlarge our distribution network together with our partners in the European, Asian, Chinese, Korean and the North American markets.

Cultavit®, a raw material with an enormous potential, proves correct, that we are on the right track.

Not only our partners in Austria and Germany (eurochem GmbH Active Nutrition & Science), in France (Quimdis), in Italy (Sochim), in Spain (derquimica) and in Turkey (TRANSOL ARISAN), are already convinced by the quality of this product. Inquiries from New Zealand, Australia, Korea and China encourage us in our engagement.

Our team is serving and advising JARI GmbH Health & Nutrition-customer in all inquiries, offers, contacts, samples and logistics.
Mr. Jörg A. Richter, the managing director of  JARI GmbH Health & Nutrition, takes personally care of customer contacts, consulting and documentation.

For requests, please contact: office@jari-health.com



Our products are subject to our strict controls for the best quality at all times.
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