From the raw ingredients…

Stilleben Lila1

As a wholesaler of innovative ingredients, we open up new, future-oriented opportunities. We add value to your existing product lines and help you to develop new products.  The Cultavit® production line comprises a vitamin-sprouted buckwheat complex with a high ratio of vitamins and also a trace element-sprouted buckwheat complex.  As a nutritional supplement and raw ingredient wholesaler, we can supply you with attractive additions to your product portfolio, including our own-brand products.

International perspectives

Our team is comprised of experienced specialists with references and hugely seccessful track records. They have developed a global network that enables us to handle international orders at short notice. 

Innovative raw ingredients from Mother Nature

We deliver innovative, raw ingredients from Austria to the European, Asian  and North American markets. We are in possess of the distribution rights for Cultavit©, a raw ingredient with a huge outstandig potential for use in upcoming products or upgrading your already developed product range.